Like a traveler, I journey through my books, some big and small, some based on fact and others on fiction and I decide what I want to do in life. Hence the “discovery”. I like to read and I’ll be writing primarily about all my readings. I hope they make sense to you.

Here I will post amongst other things summaries and notes that will make the life of students of Jurisprudence and Legal Theory worth living. Also expect some material on Company Law. (These two subjects have been my bearable lot out of all the other ones; perhaps some students of the University of International Programmes might resonate with this). My interests are also in Social Justice, Human Development, Challenging Islamophobia, Education, Pluralism, World Religions and Urdu.

Thus a pakistani notebook will translate my thoughts into posts that I will write to end this mundane and monotonous journey called life.

Happy reading!



  1. Mahnoor

    Your notes are extremely helpful! Thankyou for uploading these :). Kindly upload notes on marxism and cultural feminist. Struggling with these topics.

  2. These notes are just wonderful. Especially love the summary of Austinian fighting back Hart. Thanks a lot.

  3. Having Hard Times with Jurisprudence

    Oh my god, I just found an incredible summary of Hart vs Austin yesterday but when I try to retrieve it today, it was gone! Please please post it again or please kindly email me that awesome summary T__T It would definitely help me a lottt. Please notice this comment T__T

  4. Syed Ali Naqvi

    Hey Maryam, you are awesome. Thanks for helping us out.

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